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§ Personal repos
§ atheist Athest is a simple framework to run, define and integrate test cases. You write small files in Python language using a set of predefined functions and classes (a DSL).
§ doublex doublex is a test doubles framework for the Python unittest module. It may be used as a effective tool to perform Test Driven Development.
§ go2 It is a fast directory finder. It provides an easy method to change among directories by a fast way. go2 is a console program similar to the old PCTools dm or the ncd from Norton, although this is designed for bash.
§ kissite A little Python program to generate a simple website (like this one) from XML files and jinja2 templates.
§ ows It is a replacement for the conventional GNOME Workspace switcher but this show workspace name in the screen using OSD.
§ Pensar en C++ Es el proyecto oficial de traducción al español del excelente libro «Thinking in C++» de Bruce Eckel.