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OWS: OSD Workspace Switcher
§ Description

OWS is a simple applet for the GNOME desktop that shows workspace name by means of OSD when the user change from one to other. This may occur pressing "Control" + "Alt" + "side arrows" or clicking in the workspace pager.

OWS may be a complete replacement to the standard Workspace Switcher because all its features are supported.

More info:

§ Screenshots
§ Download The OWS source is maintained in a subversion repository (with svn-buildpackage). You can download it with this command:
$ svn co https://arco.inf-cr.uclm.es/svn/public/prj/ows
§ Install If you're a Debian user (Ubuntu, etc. also) then you can install ows package directly from standard distro repositories.
# apt-get install ows
§ References