Test driven development for HW/SW systems: Providing unit testing support
F. Rincón; D. Villa; J. Barba; J.D. Dondo; J.C. López
Cenference: Jornadas de Computación Reconfigurable y Aplicaciones
Location: Tenerife (España)
Date: 07/08/2011 - 09/09/2011
Pages: 291-298
ISBN: 978-84-614-8814-8
Most of software development projects suffer important delays with respect to the initial schedule, or even fail to provide the desired functionality. Hardware development suffers very similar proolems . This paper proposes the adoption of agile development methodologies commonly used in software to hardware design. In particular, an infrastructure for hardware components unit testing is proposed, It is based in an object oriented conception of the HW platform. Both a simulated and real prototype test environments are descrioed.