A development model supporting integrative object oriented middlewares for sensor and actuator networks
C. Martín; D. Villa; F.J. Villanueva; F. Moya; M.J. Santofimia; J.C. López
Cenference: International Conference on Wireless Networks
Location: Las Vegas (USA)
Date: 12/07/2010 - 15/07/2010
Pages: 363-369
ISBN: 1-60132-165-1
Volume: 2
Today there are many proposals of middlewares for sensor and actuator networks (SAN). Each of them introduces programming paradigms for creating distributed applications. There are middlewares with different philosophies in terms of architecture and organization (database, clustering, etc.). From the standpoint of the programmer these considerations influence the development process and, in most cases, determine the programming paradigm. Although these middlewares are so different, there is a common issue: they assume the SAN is logically separated from the main network. Thus, it forces the programmers to think a lot on specific stuff for the SAN and provides a dissociated vision of the whole system. In this paper we propose a new development model for SAN based on standard object oriented middlewares. Moreover, we provide a language as a new programming paradigm so that it is possible to have a homogeneous view of the whole system (including main network and the SAN).