Embedding Standard Distributed Object-Oriented Middlewares in Wireless Sensor Networks
F. Moya; D. Villa; F.J. Villanueva; J. Barba; F. Rincón; J.C. López
Journal: Journal on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
Date: 2009
Pages: 335-345
ISSN: 1530-8669
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
This article provides an analysis of the design space available to middleware developers in the context of wireless sensor networks. We identify the weaknesses of current communication abstraction layers and propose alternative implementation techniques that preserve most of the useful features but minimizes the implementation cost in resource constrained wireless sensor nodes. Our proposal includes a whole WSN development framework based on standard distributed objects and a set of specific services designed to support highly dynamic and scalable WSN applications.