A Novel Communication Platform to Enable the Collaboration of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
G. Urzaiz; D. Villa; F.J. Villanueva; F. Moya; F. Rincón; J.C. López
Cenference: International Conference on Wireless Networks
Location: Las Vegas (USA)
Date: 13/07/2009 - 13/07/2009
Pages: 571-576
Volume: 55
Issue: 3
A novel communication platform is introduced to enable the collaboration of a set of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV´s). The proposal is based on what we call the Virtual Quality-of-service Network (VQN) model, and the idea is to use it in order to provide the required network functionality and the semantic features that are needed for the collaboration. VQN is a semantic overlay network implemented as a distributed application by means of an object oriented middleware for distributed systems. Single-hop is the first option, but in case that no feasible single-hop route exists, a multi-hop route with the required QoS characteristics is attempted. Fuzzy Logic techniques are used to provide robustness in presence of imprecision in the measurement of network parameters. In this paper, a general description of the VQN model is presented, and experimental results about the network functionality enhancement are included to show VQN feasibility.