Nintendo DS: A Pedagogical Approach to Teach Computer Architecture
M.J. Santofimia; F. Moya
Cenference: International Conference on Embedded Systems and Applications
Location: Las Vegas (USA)
Date: 13/07/2009 - 17/07/2009
Pages: 269-273
This work reveals the beneļ¬ts obtained from an innovative pedagogical experience based on the use of a game console as the platform to teach Computer Architec- ture. This paper shows how the selection of an appropriate platform, not only motivates students, but also helps them to acquire the theoretical concepts by means of real appli- cations. The Nintendo DS console turns out to be a great platform to explore the structure and organization of a fully equipped computer. In this regard, a brief description of the lab sessions is presented to highlight the great potentialities of this platform.