ARCO research activity is mainly focused on two broad topics: advanced communication services, and heterogeneous hardware-software system design.

Advanced communication services

This line of research pursues the combination of distributed systems and communicatin infrastructures for the development of service oriented architectures to assist users in their day to day environments (digital home, homeland security, mobile services, …). The work is focused on defining software architectures (built on standard middlewares) to integrate networks and heterogeneous systems, and also on creating and modeling new communication oriented services, mainly oriented towards ambient intelligence and ubiquitous computing.

Complex heterogeneous (hardware-software) system design

In this field we devise new methodologies and tools for the development of complex systems with both hardware and software components (embedded systems). It includes specification, verification, scheduling, allocation, hardware synthesis, code generation, simulation, prototyping, …, with special emphasis in designs based on reconfigurable architectures.