OOCE: Object-Oriented Communication Engine for SoC Design
OOCE: Object-Oriented Communication Engine for SoC Design
J. Barba; F. Rincón; F. Moya; J.D. Dondo; F.J. Villanueva; D. Villa; J.C. López
Cenference: Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design
Location: Lübeck (Alemania)
Date: 29/08/2007 - 31/08/2007
Pages: 296-302
ISBN: 0-7695-2978-X
For decades, software middlewares have tackled with the heterogeneity and interconnectivity roblems in computer networks with success. These problems are recurrent in the design of complex systems-on chip with a large number of components of different nature (including SW and HW modules). In this paper we present an object- oriented communication engine (OOCE) based on the architectural concepts used in software middlewares that unifies the inter-communication interface for both HW and SW elements. The infrastructure provided by the OOCE introduces a low-overhead abstraction layer that can be easily used to implement several parallel programming models. An implementation of this approach has been made for the Xilinx-V2Pro platform.