Constraint-driven System Partitioning
Constraint-driven System Partitioning
M.L. López Vallejo; J. Grajal; J.C. López
Cenference: Design, Automation and Test in Europe
Location: París (Francia)
Date: 27/03/2000 - 30/03/2000
Pages: 411-416
ISBN: 0-7695-0537-6
This paper describes how optimization techniques can be applied to efficiently solve the constrained co-design problem. This is performed by the formulation of different cost functions which will drive the hardware-software partitioning process. The use of complex cost functions allows us to capture more aspects of the design. Besides, the appropriate formulation of this kind of functions has a great impact on the results that can be obtained regarding both quality and algorithm convergence rate. A strong point of the proposed formulation is its generality. Therefore, it does not depend on the problem and can be easily extended for considering new design constraints