CAD Tools for Heterogeneous System Design
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1 Jun 1997 - 1 Jul 2000
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Juan Carlos López López
System Design, Partitioning, Estimation, Cosimulation, Codesign

This project focuses on the development of CAD tools for the initial stages (high abstraction level) of the design of heterogeneous systems. These systems are characterized by the use of hardware and software components. In particular, this work is centered on the partitioning task, that determines which parts of the specification should be implemented in hardware and which parts should be implemented in software while accomplishing basic non functional requirements: area, performance, power consumption. To perform all those objectives the use of good estimates (specially hardware estimation) is very important. It allows to evaluate how decisions made at the earlier design stages can affect the whole design cycle, in particular, the final partition refinement. Finally, co-simulation results crucial when validating the resulting partition.
It has been proved that the study and development of this kind of tools, basic goal of this project, is a key issue for the design automation community. Many research groups in universities and companies are currently working in this field, since it is fundamental to shorten the product design cycle, which leads to lower manufacturing costs and to reduce a key parameter: the time-to-market.