Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture for Complex Systems Design
Project ID: 
Funded by: 
Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha
Type of funding: 
1 Jan 2002 - 1 Dec 2003
Principal researcher: 
Juan Carlos López López
Arquitecture, Reconfiguration, Codesign, HW-SW Compilation, Embedded System

The increasing complexity and requirements in nowadays embedded systems, has made it necessary the proposal of new alternatives to the use of only a standard microprocessor or a DSP. Most of these alternatives lean on the use of reconfigurable devices. These devices offer the possibility to implement in hardware those parts of the system that are considered critical. They are also very flexible with respect to the kind of circuits they can hold. In most cases the use of these so general devices makes it very difficult the automatiion of the design process, and increases unnecessarily the final cost of these solutions.
This project is aimed at designing a new dynamically reconfigurable architecture targeted to a more efficient use of hardware resources, and that is easily integrable into an automatic design flow. On the other side the development of necessary tools for this integration will be carried out.